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At Heritage Home Health & Hospice we believe that everyone is entitled to Love, Dignity and Respect in every aspect of their life. In hospice, focus traditionally is put upon the nursing care, specifically palliation, or relief, of symptoms that result in discomfort. This is an important aspect of our care, but in the grand scheme of things it is truly a means to an end. This true end transcends the physical, and permeates into every fiber of our company's being. That end is physical, spiritual and psychological comfort for what is to come.

When developing our program, we turned to one of the key lessons of Christ as our guiding star. Christ's final commandment to the apostles was "love one another as I have loved you." Christ's love was pure, and through his forgiveness, without condition. We strive daily to emulate this commandment in the care of our patients. This became the foundation for our principle of LOVE.

Every member of our staff brought with them personal experiences and stories, particularly undesirable experiences they have witnessed in the care of loved ones and patients in other areas of health care. We use those stories as guidance to establish how best to care for patients. Our primary focus is to, within the best of our ability, allow patients to draw boundaries, set goals and take part in the planning of their care. This approach formed our principle of DIGNITY.

Lastly, we desire to approach every patient with reverence and gratitude for the privilege of serving them at this most intimate and difficult of times. We desired for them to know how honored we are to be allowed into their lives and provide our services. This culminated into the principle of RESPECT

Love, Dignity and Respect are the very foundation of Heritage Home Health & Hospice. By holding true to these principles we can stand firm in the knowledge that the care we provide will always be centered on the patient and their family. We sincerely cherish the time we spend with patients and families that grant us the opportunity to provide our services.

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